Terms & Conditions

Eaglewings Courier Services is a licensed and registered interstate broker of property and logistics company. It arranges for the transportation of shipments with licensed and registered couriers and motor carriers and other service providers to meet your needs. It takes great pride in providing quality logistics services, using licensed couriers and transportation service providers.

However, Eaglewings Courier Services is not responsible for any damage to, loss or delay of any shipment or the acts of third parties. The following terms and conditions apply to services provided by Eaglewings Courier Services.

This guide and any addendums or supplements supersede all previous Service Guides and other prior statements concerning the rates and conditions of Eaglewings Courier Services' service to which it applies. Eaglewings Courier Services reserves the right to unilaterally modify, amend or supplement the rates, features of service, services, Tariff, and Terms and Conditions in this Service Guide applicable to all customers without notice.

All modifications, amendments or supplements may only be authorized by an officer of A1Express or successor positions, but no other agent or employee of Eaglewings Courier Services (nor any other person or party) is authorized to do so. This restriction in modification does not apply to a modification applicable to a single customer and included in a Eaglewings Courier Services' Sales or Customer Automation Agreement. To the extent a conflict exists between a Eaglewings Courier Services' Sales or Customer Agreement and these Terms and Conditions, the Eaglewings Courier Services' Sales or Customer Agreement controls, provided theEaglewings Courier Services' Sales or Customer Agreement is in writing and signed by both the customer and an officer of Eaglewings Courier Services.

Rate and service quotations by Eaglewings Courier Services' employees and agents are based upon information provided by YOU. Final rates and services, however, may vary based upon the application of these terms and conditions and this Service Guide.